Time and time again we’re asked what the benefits of Cherry Picker equipment are. To anybody in an industry that requires access solutions, we’d like to tell you about how we benefited from hiring cherry picker equipment.

Our Story

We began as a painter & decorator company that in some cases had to spend just as long erecting and dismantling  scaffolding as we did working on the job. This cost us greatly and worker safety was always a concern. We decided to hire some Cherry Picker equipment, a small van with a Cherry Picker basket. We gave it a go on one of our larger jobs and we couldn’t believe the results!

The job was a large building that we estimated would take 3 days to paint. We began with the cherry picker equipment on one side of the building, and two men using scaffolding on the other. We were able to control the height of the Cherry Picker from inside the basket and our man was able to reach all areas of the building with ease. By the time the wall that the cherry picker was operating on was complete, the scaffolding on the other side had only just gone up!

We simply drove the Cherry Picker around to the next wall and about half way through painting the second wall, we told the guys to take down the scaffolding because we were going to finish off the job using the Cherry Picker. We managed to finish a 3 day job in just 1 day!

Our customer was really pleased with the work and we told him about our change of equipment. We were able to charge less than what we quoted, the customer was delighted and we immediately went back to the office to consider buying our own Cherry Pickers.

Investing in Cherry Picker Hire Equipment

The business grew as did the number and range of vehicles we invested in. We were able to work faster yet in a more safer and simpler environment.

We’re so happy with the results our Cherry Pickers have provided to us, we’re now ready to pass that on to our new customers who require powered access equipment.

Take a look at our cherry picker equipment for yourself.